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GLOWA Volta Research Sites in Ghana and Burkina Faso
Source: GLOWA Volta Project


Digital Elevation Model of the Volta Basin
Source: Gerlinde Jung, 2006


Map of GLOWA Volta Research Sites in the Upper East Region of Ghana
Source: GLOWA Volta Project


Development of Dams between 1984/1986 and 1999 in Southern Burkina Faso and Ghana
Source: van de Giesen et al. Advances in Global Change Research 2002, 10: 151-170; GLOWA Volta Project


Simulated annual precipitation sum for 2004 for the Volta basin.
Source: Sven Wagner, Harald Kunstmann; IMK/IFU; Glowa Volta Project


Maps of evapotranspiration, sensible heat flux, and soil moisture (degree of saturation) around Tono dam at the end of the dry season (March 7, 2003) derived from Landsat image.
Source: Jan Hendrickx; New Mexico Tech., Jan Friesen, TU Delft; GLOWA Volta Project


Model setup: Digital elevation model, sub-catchment boundaries, river net-work and location of the Sourou depression.
Source: Gerlinde Jung, Sven Wagner, IMK/IFU; Nicola Martin, BGR; Luna Bharati, IWMI) GLOWA Volta Project


With SEBAL estimated sensible heat flux under usage of NOAA-AVHRR-16 (DOY 347, 2001). The circles show the test areas Navrongo, Tamale and Ejura.
Source: Jan Friesen; GLOWA Volta Project


Spatial distribution of groundwater production
Source: Nicola Martin, BGR; GLOWA Volta Project


Detection of intra-annual behavior of the Vegetation related to the seasonality of climate impacts using the Leaf Area Index (LAI)
Source: Sasa Fistric, GLOWA Volta Project


Household Water use
Source: Nicola Martin, BGR; GLOWA Volta Project


FAO LCCS Land Cover for the GLOWA Volta Basin
Source: Tobias Landmann, Michael Schmidt, DLR; GLOWA Volta Project

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