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The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) initiated its research program "Global Change and the Hydrological Cycle" (GLOWA) in 2000. The overall aim was to develop solutions for the extraordinary challenges that the regional impacts of global environmental change present for the users and managers of water resources.

Two of the research projects within the GLOWA program, GLOWA IMPETUS and GLOWA Volta, both focusing on West Africa, will conclude their research in 2009. They will present their research results achieved so far at an international conference in Ouagadougou in August 2008. The target audience consists of local, regional and national stakeholders, partners and policy makers, as well as the international research community.
The GLOWA projects presenting themselves in Ouagadougou have been doing research on three watersheds in four West African countries, comprising the catchment of the Wadi Drâa
in Morocco, the watershed of the river Ouémé in Benin, and the cross-border basin of the Volta River in Burkina Faso and Ghana.

The conference will focus on the research results achieved so far, as well as on products and decision support tools developed by the project teams during eight years of extensive and integrative research. The research teams consist of a large number of German universities and research institutes, working in close collaboration with their respective national partners in the four West African countries, as well as with international partners.
The conference will have a semi-open character: All those interested in the conference can participate in all conference events announced in the program for a modest registration fee.
Active participants contributing presentations and posters, and those exhibiting at the fair, will receive separate invitations.

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